README.TXT: Quick Start Guide: Be The Dads

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What do you think a readme.txt file would or should include for Be The Dads? Can you imagine getting the file before you started to be a dad to help you get started? Would you read it if you saw it there?

README.TXT – would you read it if you had it available?

A Father’s Guide: Embracing God’s Plan for Fatherhood


Welcome to the journey of being the dads that God created, purposed, and planned for His glory and for the benefits of our wives, kids, and the world. This README.TXT file serves as a guide to help you navigate this divine calling with wisdom, love, and purpose.

Check these out:

  1. Foundational Principles:
    • Start with prayer: Begin each day seeking God’s guidance and wisdom for your role as a father.
    • Understand your identity: Recognize that you are a child of God, called to reflect His character in your role as a father.
  2. Building a Christ-Centered Home:
    • Bible study and prayer: Establish regular family devotions to nurture a spiritual atmosphere in your home.
    • Lead by example: Demonstrate Christ-like behavior, love, and humility for your family to follow.
  3. Loving Your Wife:
    • Cherish and respect: Love your wife as Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25), with sacrificial and unconditional love.
    • Communication: Foster open and honest communication with your spouse to build a strong foundation for your family.
  4. Parenting with Purpose:
    • Discipline with love: Implement discipline guided by biblical principles, teaching your children the ways of the Lord.
    • Quality time: Invest time in building strong relationships with each of your children, understanding and nurturing their unique qualities.
  5. Teaching Godly Values:
    • Scripture memorization: Encourage your family to memorize and meditate on key Bible verses that shape their character.
    • Practical application: Discuss and model biblical values in everyday situations, providing real-life examples of living out God’s Word.
  6. Being a Provider:
    • Financial stewardship: Manage your resources wisely and teach your children the importance of responsible financial stewardship.
    • Work with diligence: Approach your work with integrity and diligence, recognizing it as a means to provide for your family and fulfill your God-given responsibilities.
  7. Community Impact:
    • Service and outreach: Engage in community service and outreach, demonstrating God’s love beyond the walls of your home.
    • Mentorship: Consider how you can positively impact the lives of others, being an example of Godly fatherhood to those around you.


As you embark on this journey of being the dad that God intended, remember that His grace is sufficient for every challenge. Seek His guidance, lean on His strength, and let your fatherhood journey be a testament to His glory. May your role as a dad reflect the love, grace, and wisdom found in our heavenly Father.

This year I am using the 365 Daily Devotions book I received for Christmas and applying it towards being dads. It’s called WALKING WITH GOD by DAVID JEREMIAH. It’s exciting to get to learn from a new resource this year as we have tried different options the past two years and will keep working through this one for 2024. For more information about the author and his ministry, visit:

Topic: READ ME

Verse: Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Firstly, let’s be the dads who don’t choose to learn on the job or ignore any references available to us but turn to the instruction manual, the README.txt from God, His Word! Therefore, let’s be the dads who seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Moreover, let’s be the dads who are putting first things first because we know that when we do God will help fill in the gaps and take care of the rest.

Are you old enough to remember how when software came out there would be a readme.txt file to be read prior to the install which had additional details that may not have made it into the manual? Are you someone who writes code and use readme files all the time for various projects to help you remember and new people get up to speed on how things are setup and work? How do you or would you apply such instructions to your life today?

Today’s Devotional points us to this verse from Matthew 6:33 as the README for the Bible, (grabbing the Amplified translation, we read “first and most importantly seek (aim at, strive after) His kingdom”. This information is crucial and critical for anyone and everyone “who aspire to enter and dwell in the kingdom of God.” Today’s Devotional tells us it’s about priorities and if you remember from earlier posts, the priorities I have shared for dads is God, Wife, Kids, and then everything else.

It shares how “if you put God and His Kingdom first in your life’s priorities, everything else necessary in life will be added to you.” So are you ready today to put first things first so that you know and walk in the trust and faith that “God will provide for you”?

Today’s Devotional closes with this insight and direction about the README file for life:

  • “If you want to avoid worries with your software, look at the READ ME file first.”
  • “If you want to avoid worries in your life, seek God’s Kingdom first.”

“Worry is an indication that we think God cannot look after us.”


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