Steward: Use your time, talent, treasure, & testimony wisely

Be the dads who are good stewards of their time talent treasure and testimony

We need to be good and faithful servants. Choosing to live our lives being a good steward so that in the end we will get to hear “well done, good and faithful servant”. Are you being a good steward of what you have been given? Are you using what you have with purpose, on purpose, and for God’s purpose?

Steward your time:

Start today using your time for good rather than for evil. Is your time being stewarded to accomplish the advancement of God’s plans? Is your time being used to complete the good works that God has prepared in advance for you to accomplish? Are you wasting or just spending your time away?

Steward your talents:

How about your talents? How are you using and applying your talents today? Be a good steward of your talents in order to bless people and glorify God. Are you using your talents to complete the good works God has prepared in advance for you to do? Are you wasting those talents on more materialistic things?

Steward your treasure:

Where are you investing your treasure? What would someone learn about your heart based on how you are using, investing, and spending your money? Are you investing your treasure in things that will last for eternity like people or things that will be burned up like shaft and not go into eternity?

Steward your testimony:

How about your words? Are you sharing your testimony so that others can hear of God’s goodness and praise our Heavenly Father through Jesus? Are you shining your light bright through your testimony or hiding under a bed or a bush that won’t benefit anyone?

So let’s choose to use our time, talent, treasure, and testimony to keep God’s Word and seek Him with all of our hearts.

Be a good steward!

Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord.

Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart.

Psalm 119:1-2

Today’s Verse of the Day:

Blessed and favored by God are those who keep His testimonies, And who [consistently] seek Him and long for Him with all their heart.

Psalms 119:2 AMP

Therefore, let’s be the dads who choose to keep God’s testimonies so that we can live in His blessings and favor. Moreover, let’s be the dads who are consistently seeking God and longing for Him with all of our hearts! Finally, let’s be the dads who pass on to others through our time, talent, treasures, and testimony God’s blessings!

How can we apply today’s verse of the day to help us be the dads that our wives and kids need us to be? What can we learn from it to help us in sharing and being good stewards of our time, talent, treasures, and testimony so that in and through it all God will receive the praise, honor, and glory in Jesus’ name.

Applications of Psalms 119:2 to help us be the dads our wives and kids need and will bless and glorify God:

  • Prioritize Daily Seeking God: Start each day by intentionally seeking God through prayer, meditation, and reading the Scriptures. Let your family witness your commitment to maintaining a close relationship with Him.
  • Model Faithfulness and Obedience: Demonstrate obedience to God’s commandments in your daily life. By living out these principles, you set an example for your family, showing them the importance of following God’s Word.
  • Invest Quality Time with Family: Use your time wisely by investing in meaningful moments with your wife and kids. Show them that they are a priority, fostering a sense of security and love within the family unit.
  • Identify and Use Your Talents: Recognize the unique talents and abilities God has given you, and purposefully use them to bless your family and others. Whether it’s teaching, serving, or encouraging, let your talents be a source of positive influence.
  • Financial Stewardship: Be intentional about how you manage your finances. Ensure that your spending aligns with your values and priorities, investing in things that have eternal significance and not just temporary pleasures.
  • Share Your Testimony: Openly share your personal experiences with God’s goodness and grace. Your testimony can be a powerful tool for inspiring faith in your family, friends, and community.
  • Live with Integrity: Let your words and actions align with your beliefs. Live a life of integrity, being consistent in your character both at home and in the public sphere.
  • Encourage Spiritual Growth: Actively support the spiritual growth of your family members. Provide resources, engage in conversations about faith, and create an environment where questions are welcomed and explored together.
  • Teach the Importance of Longing for God: Instill in your family the significance of longing for a deeper relationship with God. Foster an environment where seeking Him is seen as a joyous and fulfilling pursuit.
  • Celebrate God’s Blessings: Acknowledge and celebrate the blessings that come from living according to God’s testimonies. Express gratitude for the positive impact of faith on your family’s life.

Apply God’s Word in your life to be the dad He created and purposed for you to be:

Remember, being a godly father is a continuous journey of growth and reflection. Applying the principles of Psalms 119:2 in your daily life can guide you in becoming the dad your wives and kids need, ultimately bringing praise, honor, and glory to God.

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