How do you learn best? Reading? Experience? People?

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How do you learn best? Ever warned someone about their actions in hopes of helping them avoid the pitfall and yet they kept going and fell in? Have you shared your experience with others in hopes they could learn from your experience instead of having to go through it on their own? Ever provided someone with reference material to help them learn the truth and the way to have a good and full life and yet they never grasped it?

Learn by Reading the Bible:

Learning through God’s Word and all those years and people of experience can help us from falling into things God would rather we avoid. For example, God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path to help us from falling or getting tripped up. The Bible is an owner’s manual for this life and never returns void!

Learn by Finding mentors and friends:

Learning from, thru, and with others. For example, when we choose to not go through this life alone, we gain the benefits of other people’s experiences. Additionally, we can learn lessons without the need to go through them ourselves. Furthermore, having mentors who can speak into our lives as we step into a situation can help us to navigate it better. Therefore, having support group of friends who are present can help us have the strength and the courage to press in and press on.

Do it yourself:

Do you learn through the school of hard knocks? Are you someone who thinks they need to have a personal experience to be able to learn? Do you realize that means you are setting yourself up for the struggles and challenges of life by that decision? Do you realize you could have avoided some or most of them had you taken into consideration the Word of God or the advice of other God-fearing people? Are you sure you want to walk such a painful route and not consider lessons learned over the years and the centuries through others and God’s Word found in the Bible?

Learn from God's Word and all the Wisdom he provides us in the Bible.



Today’s Verse of the Day:

He who learns from instruction and correction is on the [right] path of life [and for others his example is a path toward wisdom and blessing], But he who ignores and refuses correction goes off course [and for others his example is a path toward sin and ruin].

Proverbs 10:17 AMP

Therefore, let’s be the dads who learn from instruction and correction in order to stay on the right path of life! Furthermore, let’s be the dads who share our lessons learned with others in order to provide wisdom and blessings to other dads. Additionally, let’s avoid being the dads who ignore and refuse corrections as we know it will send us off course or worse down the path towards sin and ruin.

How can we apply today’s verse of the day to help us learn and be the dads our wives and kids need us to be? What can we grasp from it to help us take the right path in order to glorify God in and through the way we choose to be the dads?

Applications of Proverbs 10:17 that will help us to be the dads our wives, kids, and world need us to be by learning and teaching others the importance of living a disciplined life that will glorify God:

Embrace Teachability:

Firstly, be open to instruction and correction. Recognize that you don’t have all the answers and that there’s always room for improvement. This humility will not only benefit your personal growth but also set an example for your children to be receptive to learning.

Seek Wise Counsel:

Secondly, surround yourself with mentors and friends who can offer valuable advice and correction. Proactively seek the input of those who have walked the path of fatherhood before you. Their experiences can guide you in making better decisions for your family.

Learn from Mistakes:

Thirdly, when you make a mistake, view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Understand that correction is not a sign of failure but a chance to course-correct and avoid similar pitfalls in the future. Share your experiences with others to help them navigate similar challenges.

Prioritize Personal Development:

Fourthly, actively pursue personal growth through reading, reflection, and seeking knowledge. Equip yourself with the skills and wisdom necessary to lead and guide your family effectively. A commitment to lifelong learning benefits both you and your loved ones.

Model Teachability to Your Children:

Fifthly, demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow in front of your children. When they see you embracing correction with humility, they are more likely to adopt the same attitude in their own lives.

Establish a Culture of Learning in Your Home:

Sixthly, create an environment where learning and personal development are valued. Encourage your family members to share their experiences and insights, fostering a sense of openness and a willingness to learn from one another.

Teach the Importance of Discipline:

Seventhly, instill in your children the significance of self-discipline. Show them that a disciplined life leads to positive outcomes. Help them understand that correction and instruction are essential components of a disciplined and purposeful life.

Connect Learning to God’s Word:

Eighthly, integrate biblical teachings into your parenting. Use the Bible as a guide for instructing your children on the principles of righteousness, kindness, and wisdom. Share relevant verses that align with the lessons you want to impart.

Be Accountable:

Ninthly, surround yourself with a community of fellow dads who can hold you accountable. Share your goals and aspirations for fatherhood with them, allowing them to provide guidance, correction, and encouragement as needed.

Lead by Example:

Ultimately, embody the principles you wish to instill in your children. Show them through your actions that a life dedicated to learning, correction, and obedience to God’s Word is fulfilling and leads to blessings.

Let’s put these into practice so that we can create a foundation for a strong, disciplined, and God-honoring family life.

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