Live life to the full! Believing enough to declare it!

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Some say seeing is believing but what if it’s supposed to be believing is declaring? Ever discovered something so incredible you had to share it with someone? How much do you have to believe before you will declare and share it with others? Is there anything in your life that you would say you believe in enough to start sharing it as much as possible with others?

Imagine believing enough to blog about it from 2005 to eternity. Imagine believing enough to start pursuing talking to dads about stepping up and raising the standards so that we can all be the dads our wives, kids, and world need us to be, and that God created, planned, and purposes for us to be. What if you believed enough to start speaking life into the lives of dads and kids and even wives about the importance of how they choose to live their lives.

Consider what the Bible has to say about Believing:

Let’s look into what the Bible has to say about declaring:

It is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.

Romans 10:10

Today’s Verse of the Day:

For with the heart a person believes [in Christ as Savior] resulting in his justification [that is, being made righteous—being freed of the guilt of sin and made acceptable to God]; and with the mouth he acknowledges and confesses [his faith openly], resulting in and confirming [his] salvation.

Romans 10:10 AMP

Therefore, let’s be the dads who in our hearts believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior which results in His justification that makes us right with God and freed from the guilt and shame of since, causing us to be made acceptable to God. Moreover, let’s be the dads who are believing it enough to start declaring it with our mouth and confessing our faith to others as evidence of our salvation. Additionally, let’s be the dads who are believing enough to share and declare the love of God with our wives, kids, and world for the glory of God!

So how can we put today’s verse of the day into practice to help us live up to the calling of being dads? How can we apply it to being husbands, dads, and men who glorify God and make Him know in the world around us?

Applications of Romans 10:10 towards living up to the calling of God on our lives to be the dads by believing and declaring His truth in our homes and around the world:

  • Believe in Jesus Christ as Savior: Have a genuine and deep faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and make Him the center of your life.
  • Model Your Faith: Live out your faith in your daily life. Let your children and family see your faith in action through your love, kindness, and ethical choices.
  • Openly Discuss Your Faith: Create an environment at home where you openly discuss your faith, your relationship with God, and the importance of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Prayer and Devotion: Regularly engage in family prayers and devotions to demonstrate your faith and commitment to God.
  • Teach Your Children: Share your beliefs and values with your children, explaining the importance of faith and the salvation offered through Christ.
  • Be a Role Model: Lead by example by showing how your faith guides your decision-making and behavior.
  • Encourage Confession of Faith: Encourage your family to express their faith in Jesus and openly confess Him as their Lord and Savior.
  • Share Your Testimony: Share your personal testimony about how your faith has transformed your life, bringing salvation, peace, and purpose.
  • Serve Others: Demonstrate your faith through acts of kindness, service, and helping those in need, both within your family and in the community.
  • Proclaim God’s Love: Share the love of God not only within your family but also with the world. Use your faith as a platform to spread the message of God’s love and salvation to others.

Believing means you are living with confidence:

Incorporating these applications into your life as a dad will help you fulfill your calling to be a man of faith who actively declares and shares the love of God with your family and the world. It’s important to remember that the specific ways you apply these principles may vary based on your family’s beliefs and the age and understanding of your children. Ultimately, your goal should be to nurture a strong and open faith environment within your family, rooted in your own belief and declaration of God’s truth.

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