Don’t go it Alone! Make a friend because 2 is better than 1.

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Do you realize that you were never meant to do this thing called life alone? Furthermore, have you found a friend who can walk it out with you? Therefore, why not make a friend who can walk it out with you?

We need to remember the reality that

It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work, share the wealth. And if one falls down, the other helps, But if there’s no one to help, tough! It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work, share the wealth. And if one falls down, the other helps, But if there’s no one to help, tough! Two in a bed warm each other. Alone, you shiver all night. By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.

Don’t go it alone and pick your friends wisely:

The Bible has a lot to say about friendship. According to the Bible, friendship is a gift from God and is essential for our well-being. The theme of friendship weaves through the whole storyline of Scripture, climaxing at the cross of Jesus Christ and stretching out ahead into an eternal future of true friendship 1. Here are some insights from the Bible to help us recover true friendship:

The first problem in the world was not sin but solitude.

Although our deepest problems are sin and idolatry, our first problem was social isolation. Therefore, even today, in a world filled with society, Proverbs warns that the one who “isolates himself. . . breaks out against all sound judgment” ( Prov. 18:1 ).

Friendship is a whole-Bible theme.

The Bible tells the story of the creation, fracturing, and ultimate restoration of true friendship—friendship with God and also with each other.

Proverbs is a practical guide to forging true friendship.

It gives us wisdom for navigating the complexities of our relationships. And it doesn’t just address relationships in general, but also friendship in particular.

True friendship is more like a covenant than a contract.

It involves loyalty, commitment, and sacrifice.

A friend loves at all times.

Proverbs 17:17 says “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” This means that true friends are always there for each other, no matter what.

Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.

This means that sometimes friends need to tell each other hard truths, even if it hurts.

Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.

This means that true friends give good advice that comes from the heart.

Good friends bring out the best in one another and enhance one another’s strengths.

Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

The Bible stresses the importance of choosing one’s friends carefully.

It warns of the consequences of having the wrong kind of friends.

Jesus came as the great Friend of sinners.

He befriended all who trust and follow him. He came to lay his life down for his friends ( John 15:13-15 ).

What the Bible has to say about friendship, sourced from

Don't go it alone!



Today’s Verse of the Day:

A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17 AMP

Therefore, let’s be the dads who the Bible says we should be and love at all times! Moreover, let’s be the dads who stick close in the midst of adversity! Finally, let’s be the dads who no matter the storms of life or the types of troubles we face as a family, we love and stick together through it all!

How can we put into practice today’s verse of the day to help us be the dads that our wives, kids, and world need us to be? What can we do to apply it in our everyday life?

Applications of Proverbs 17:17 towards preventing “alone” and being the dads that our wives, kids, and brothers in Christ need us to be:

  • Unconditional Love: Show your wife, kids, and friends that you love them unconditionally. Love them in good times and bad.
  • Consistency: Be consistent in your love and support. Consistency helps build trust and security in your relationships.
  • Emotional Support: Offer emotional support to your family and friends when they face adversity. Be there to listen, empathize, and provide comfort.
  • Reliability: Be a reliable presence in the lives of your loved ones. They should know they can count on you, no matter the situation.
  • Sacrifice: Sometimes, being a good father and friend means sacrificing your time, energy, or resources to help others in need.
  • Forgiveness: Be quick to forgive and slow to hold grudges. Forgiveness strengthens relationships and promotes a loving and supportive atmosphere.
  • Empathy: Put yourself in the shoes of your family and friends. Understand their feelings, perspectives, and needs.
  • Patience: Practice patience when dealing with your loved ones. Everyone has their flaws and struggles; patience can go a long way in resolving conflicts.
  • Conflict Resolution: When conflicts arise, be a peacemaker. Strive to resolve issues in a way that fosters reconciliation and understanding.
  • Teaching by Example: Demonstrate love and loyalty in your own life, and your children will learn from your example. Teach them the value of true friendship and brotherly love.

Preventing loneliness by applying today’s verse of the day:

By incorporating these principles from Proverbs 17:17 into your daily life, you can establish a supportive and loving environment for your family. Consequently, you will become the dad and friend that your wife, kids, and brothers in Christ require you to be. Furthermore, your actions will not only enhance your relationships but also act as a positive influence on those in your sphere.

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