How to go to Relationship from Rituals and Routines

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He’s not a vending machine nor genie granting wishes.

When I first discovered that the Christian life isn’t about rituals and routines but rather relationship with Jesus, my life was turned around. It wasn’t about standing, sitting, kneeling at the right times. It wasn’t about the right part of the hymnal, service book, or timing. The reality is that we are to be in a living relationship with Jesus. Just like in all relationships we need to invest in it for it to get better and stronger. We need to be able to hear from God and know that He is speaking.

How God Speaks:

We need to make time to read and meditate on His Word in the midst of our situations and listen to His instructions and move forward as a response. God speaks through worship and preaching times if we are prepared and ready to listen and receive what He has to say. We can hear from God through others who provide wise counsel. He hasn’t stopped speaking so if we aren’t hearing it probably means we have stopped listening.

Relationships require investment

So don’t treat God like a vending machine where you put in a prayer payment expect it to bounce around and pop out. Don’t treat God like a genie who grants wishes, choose to walk out your life in relationship with Him so that it becomes more intimate, and you are able to live your life to the full. Treat God like a friend, a wise counselor, a loving heavenly Father by making and taking time to spend with Him daily and then to walk out the rest of your day with Him which aligns to the words “pray without ceasing“.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Matthew 5:4

Build your life on a real relationship with Jesus.

Today’s Verse of the Day:

“Blessed [forgiven, refreshed by God’s grace] are those who mourn [over their sins and repent], for they will be comforted [when the burden of sin is lifted].

Matthew 5:4 AMP

There are many seasons in life and when we are walking in relationship with Jesus, we can grab a hold of the reality that when we are going through a season where we are mourning over our sins and repent that we are considered blessed because we have been forgiven by God’s grace. Let’s be the dads who are comforted when the burden of sin is lifted from us thanks to our relationship with Jesus.

How can we take today’s verse of the day and put it into practice to help us be the dads God created, planned, and purposes for us to be? What applications can we find to help us be the dads our wives and kids need us to be?

Applications of Matthew 5:4 towards being the dads who walk in true relationship with Jesus that helps us be the dads our wives, kids, and world need us to be:

  • Emotional Availability: Be emotionally available to your family. Understand that it’s okay to mourn and show vulnerability in front of your children. Share your feelings and encourage them to do the same.
  • Empathy: Develop empathy towards your family members’ struggles and pains. Listen actively when they express their sorrows and offer comfort and support.
  • Teaching Resilience: Use moments of mourning as opportunities to teach your children about resilience and coping with life’s challenges. Share stories of how you’ve overcome difficulties with the help of your faith.
  • Prayer: Pray with your family regularly. Encourage your children to bring their worries and sorrows to God in prayer, showing them that God is a source of comfort.
  • Modeling Grief: Show your children how to grieve in a healthy way. This can include discussing grief openly, attending funerals or memorial services together, and honoring the memory of loved ones.
  • Compassion: Extend compassion beyond your family. Teach your children the importance of reaching out to others who are mourning or suffering, both within and outside your community.
  • Forgiveness: Emphasize forgiveness as a way to find comfort and healing. Model forgiveness in your own life, and encourage your family to forgive those who have hurt them.
  • Bible Study: Dive deeper into the Bible with your family, exploring passages that offer comfort and hope. Discuss how these verses can be applied to their lives and your role as a father.
  • Support System: Be a strong support system for your wife and children during times of mourning or difficulty. Encourage open communication and seek professional help if needed.
  • Gratitude: Teach your family to find blessings even in times of mourning. Help them recognize the presence of God’s comfort and grace in their lives, even when facing challenges.

How building strong relationships with God, our wives, and our kids is crucial.

By applying these principles from Matthew 5:4, you can create a loving and supportive environment in which your family can grow and thrive, ultimately becoming the dads that God has purposed you to be—filled with compassion, empathy, and a deep connection to Jesus Christ.

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