Faith over fear: Fear not, just believe! Live!

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Back in 2005 when I started my blog that God called me to write, it was titled From 2005 to Eternity because of the starting year and the starting topic of the book of Revelation and when it would stop. The subtitle for the block was fear not, just believe and since then I have found so many verses in the Bible that call us and for us to live our lives with faith over fear by faith believing instead of allowing ourselves to be robbed by fear.

Fear not – God is with you

Therefore today, let’s be the dads who choose to live by faith over fear in order to be able to lead our wives and marriages. Moreover, let’s choose to fear not and just believe so that we can lead our kids and our families. Finally, let’s keep our eyes on the goal of getting to spend eternity with our wives and kids with God!

Don't be afraid. I am here to help you.
Isaiah 41:13

Fear Not

Today’s Verse of the Day:

For I the LORD your God keep hold of your right hand; [I am the Lord], Who says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.’

Isaiah 41:13 AMP

Firstly, don’t go it alone and let go of God’s hand, keep a hold of His hand with your right hand! Secondly, walk boldly with Him, trusting Him with every step. Finally, let’s be the dads who hear and choose to live in the command “Do not fear” because we are trusting that God will help us.

So how can we be the dads God created us to be and our wives and kids need us to be in relation to today’s verse of the day? Is there anything we can grab from God’s Word to help us step up and step into being the dads? This verse emphasizes God’s role as a source of strength and support for his people, assuring them that they should not be afraid because He is there to help them.

Applications of Isaiah 41:13 towards becoming fearless by being faith-filled, choosing to live faith over fear with an attitude of fear not:

  • Trust in God’s Guidance: Just as God takes hold of our right hand, fathers can lead their families with trust and confidence in God’s guidance.
  • Lead by Example: Show your children what it means to live by faith rather than fear through your actions and decisions.
  • Prayerful Leadership: Pray for your family regularly, seeking God’s help and wisdom in all aspects of life.
  • Provide Reassurance: Remind your children that they should not fear, as God is there to help and protect them.
  • Teach Faith: Share stories from the Bible and your own experiences to teach your children about faith and how it can overcome fear.
  • Strengthen Family Bonds: Use this verse as a foundation for building strong family bonds based on trust and faith in God.
  • Be a Protector: Emulate God’s role as a protector by ensuring the safety and well-being of your family to the best of your abilities.
  • Encourage Resilience: Teach your children how to face challenges with faith, resilience, and courage.
  • Stay Calm in Crisis: In times of crisis or uncertainty, demonstrate a calm and steadfast faith, reassuring your family that God is in control.
  • Embrace Vulnerability: Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability and seek help when needed. Just as God offers His help, be willing to seek support from your faith community or professionals if necessary.

By applying these principles and keeping Isaiah 41:13 in mind, you can strive to be the fearless and faith-filled father that your wife and children need, leading your family with love, trust, and reliance on God’s guidance and strength.

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