Be Whole: Don’t handicap yourself, break free to be all you were created to be

Bob shares his handy cap and how to overcome a handicap.

This weekend we had the honor of having Bob Mortimer speak not only in our weekend services but also in our men’s breakfast where he spoke of handicap. One thing he shared as that he is whole thanks to Jesus is that the only handicap, we have been the ones that we put on ourselves that keep us from being who God created us, calls us, and plans for us to be.

He also has some humor and didn’t want any of the men to go away and lie about who the speak was and so he had a blue hand with white writing on it that said “Handy”, that way if anyone said they say a guy speaking who had a handy cap they wouldn’t be lying. Now for those who don’t know Bob or haven’t met Bob, he is a triple amputee who has one arm. You can check out one of the weekend services here to get a chance to hear from Bob as part of the current series called “The Most Valuable Catch” based on the book Pastor Steve Jamison wrote.

A great video on Bob in advance of his bike across America tour:

What handicaps might you be hiding or hiding behind?

  • Low self-esteem – comes from comparing ourselves to others
    • Accept your qualities that are different
    • Accept it so that people can accept you
  • Prejudice – treating people wrong because of how they look or sound
    • Everyone deserves respect and dignity
    • Even when we don’t agree with their choices and actions
  • Controlling Behaviors – drinking alcohol, taking drugs, watching porn
    • They take control and cause us to filter our lives through them creating handicaps

So, do you need to give your handicap over to God and allow Him to make you whole?

Don't handicap yourself, do it God's way.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Matthew 5:9

Today’s Verse of the Day:

“Blessed [anticipating God’s presence, spiritually mature] are the pure in heart [those with integrity, moral courage, and godly character], for they will see God.

Matthew 5:8 AMP

How can we apply today’s verse of the day to get past the handicaps of low self-esteem, prejudice, and controlling behaviors, in order to be the dads God created, planned, and purposes for our lives to be?

Applications of Matthew 5:8 towards breaking free from the handicap of low self-esteem, prejudice, and controlling behaviors so that we can be the dads our wives, kids, and world need us to be:

  • Self-Reflection: Regularly examine your heart and motivations to identify areas of impurity, such as low self-esteem or prejudice.
  • Seek Forgiveness: Acknowledge your shortcomings and ask for forgiveness from God and those you may have wronged due to these handicaps.
  • Self-Acceptance: Embrace your true self, flaws and all, knowing that God loves you unconditionally.
  • Forgiveness: Forgive yourself for past mistakes and shortcomings, allowing yourself to grow and change.
  • Empathy: Cultivate empathy by putting yourself in the shoes of others, especially when dealing with prejudices.
  • Non-Judgment: Avoid making hasty judgments about others based on their appearances or actions. Remember that only God truly knows their hearts.
  • Prayer and Meditation: Regularly pray and meditate on your faith, seeking God’s guidance and wisdom to overcome controlling behaviors.
  • Accountability: Share your struggles and goals with a trusted friend or counselor who can hold you accountable for your actions.
  • Community: Engage in a supportive community of like-minded individuals who can help you overcome these handicaps through shared experiences and encouragement.
  • Modeling Good Behavior: Demonstrate purity of heart, humility, and love in your actions and interactions with your children. Show them what it means to be a person of integrity.

By applying these principles inspired by Matthew 5:8, you can work towards breaking free from the handicaps of low self-esteem, prejudice, and controlling behaviors, ultimately becoming the father that God has planned and purposed you to be.

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