Life draining you and making you feel tired?

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Feeling drained? What do you do to get filled up? How do you respond to get energized? What is sucking your power and draining you? Are there things going on that are causing you to feel tired? How will you respond?

Invite God into your life and situation! Cast your cares upon Him! Invite Jesus into your life and exchange your yokes and burdens which are hard and heavy for His which are easy and lite. Invite the Holy Spirit into your life to fill you with the love of God to overflow so that you won’t be drained but filled. Even during trials, consider them pure joy and persevere for when it has completed its work you will be complete and lacking nothing!

Life Draining you? Consider this:

God gives me new strength

Psalms 23:3

Today’s Verse of the Day:

He refreshes and restores my soul (life); He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

Psalms 23:3 AMP

Life may be draining you but God can fill you

Remember, let’s be the dads who don’t allow life to be draining us to impact our abilities to be the husbands and fathers that our wives and kids need us to be and God created and purposed for us to be! Therefore, let’s be the dads who invite Jesus into our situations for we know that He refreshes and restores our souls and lives. Moreover, let’s be the dads who draw closer to God because we know that He leads us down the right path for His name’s sake.

So where are you at today? Are you living in alignment with your core priorities of God, Wife and marriage, Kids and family? How can we put today’s verse of the day into practice so that we can be the dads that our wives and kids need us to be?

Applications of Psalms 23:3 to help us overcome the draining power of life upon our abilities to be the dads God desires for us to be:

  1. Prioritize Spiritual Nourishment: Just as God restores your soul, make sure to nourish your own spirit through prayer, meditation, and studying scripture. A strong spiritual foundation will enable you to lead your family more effectively.
  2. Model Righteousness: Lead by example and follow paths of righteousness in your actions, decisions, and interactions. Your children are more likely to emulate behaviors they see in you.
  3. Guide with Purpose: Just as God leads, strive to guide your family with purpose and intentionality. Make choices that align with your values and God’s principles.
  4. Prioritize Relationships: Foster strong connections within your family. Spend quality time with your wife and kids, cultivating a loving and supportive environment.
  5. Restore and Rejuvenate: Like God’s restoration, take time to recharge yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. This will enable you to be more present and engaged with your family.
  6. Seek Wisdom: Just as you seek wisdom from scripture, seek wisdom in your role as a father. Be open to learning, growing, and adapting to the challenges of parenthood.
  7. Embrace Patience: Allow God’s patience to guide you. Parenting requires patience and understanding. Approach challenges with a calm and patient demeanor.
  8. Offer Forgiveness: Like God’s forgiveness, practice forgiveness within your family. Teach your children the importance of apologizing and forgiving.
  9. Instill Values: Teach your children about righteousness and values through stories, discussions, and actions that align with Psalms 23:3.
  10. Cultivate Gratitude: Recognize and express gratitude for the blessings in your life. A heart of gratitude will positively influence your perspective and your family’s outlook.

Remember, these applications are meant to align with the principles of Psalms 23:3 and can help you in your journey as a father.

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