Give Thanks: Did you make the most of today?

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Give thanks to God for today and choose to make the most of it. Firstly, do make time to be with God? Secondly, do you make time to be with and go and do something with your wife? Thirdly, how about your kids? Finally, are you prioritizing how you live your life right?

Give thanks in advance:

This morning, on my regular devotional blog, I wrote a post titled “How to discover adventure: Follow the duo today!” As I knew it was just going to be my wife and me, I wanted to go and do something just for the two of us. To make the outing more comfortable, we decided on a trip towards town, even though all the cars were gone. Consequently, we ended up choosing to take the bikes instead of walking since it was hot and that would also reduce the travel time. Therefore, we had a date at a local place where we could sit, talk, and have a drink and ice cream. Afterward, we hopped back on the bikes and pedaled back home, as it was enjoyable to get to spend both quality and quantity time with her.

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done.

Psalm 105:1

Today’s Verse of the Day:

O give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the people.

Psalms 105:1 AMP

Give Thanks for Today:

Therefore, let’s be the dads who celebrate God. Moreover, let’s be the dads who stop trying to do it all on their own and call upon God’s name! Finally, let’s be the dads who choose to make Jesus known to our wives, our kids, and the world around us!

How can we apply today’s verse of the day towards being the dads God created, purposed, and planned for us to be? Can we use it to help us be closer to God, our wives, and our kids?

Applications of Psalms 105:1 to help us live our lives to the full with and for God, our wives, and our kids:

  1. Gratitude and Prayer: Start your day by giving thanks to the Lord for the blessings you have, and consistently pray for guidance in your role as a father, husband, and disciple of God.
  2. Open Communication: Just as the verse encourages making known God’s deeds, practice open communication with your wife and children. Share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to foster understanding and connection.
  3. Worship Together: Sing praises to God as a family. Engage in worship activities such as singing hymns, reading Psalms, and praying together.
  4. Modeling Faith: Demonstrate your faith through your actions. Let your children see you reading the Bible, praying, and making God a central part of your life.
  5. Teaching God’s Word: Share the stories and teachings from the Bible with your family. Help your children understand the lessons and apply them in their lives.
  6. Express Love: Tell your wife and children about the wondrous works God has done in your life and in your family. Express your love for them and emphasize the importance of God’s love in your relationships.
  7. Serve Others: As the verse encourages making God’s deeds known among the peoples, engage in acts of service as a family. Help those in need and demonstrate the love of Christ to others.
  8. Create Family Traditions: Establish traditions that revolve around faith, such as regular family devotions, holiday celebrations centered on God’s blessings, and special moments of prayer.
  9. Encourage Thankfulness: Teach your family to appreciate and give thanks for both big and small blessings. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude within your home.
  10. Lead by Example: Just as the verse encourages calling upon the Lord’s name, be a leader by example in your family. Show humility, seek guidance from God, and admit when you make mistakes.

Be Authentic and Consistent:

By applying these principles from Psalms 105:1, you can work towards becoming the father God intended you to be and fostering strong connections with God, your wife, and your children. Remember, consistency and authenticity are key to creating a positive and spiritually nurturing environment for your family.

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