Focus: When you focus on the right thing…

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When faced with trouble, where does your focus go? When things are going well and you are happy, where does your focus go? Are you focusing on the right thing? Is your focus changing based on your circumstances? What if you kept your focus on the right thing no matter what is going on in life?

Focus on God! Focus on His calling and purpose for you to be the dads that your wives, kids, and the world need! God is bigger than your problems! With God all things are possible! Even when you are feeling tired, wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength!

Focus on God allows us to:
Pray when we are in trouble.
Sing songs of praise when we are happy.

Today’s Verse of the Day:

Is anyone among you suffering? He must pray. Is anyone joyful? He is to sing praises [to God].

James 5:13 AMP

So what is going on in your life today? Are you suffering? Let’s be the dads who pray in the midst of our suffering because our focus is on God! Are you joyful? Let’s be the dads who sing praises to God because our focus in on Him! During the highs and lows of life, let’s be the dads who are focused on God as our hope, our strength, and the light in the midst of darkness!

So how can we apply today’s verse of the day to help us keep our focus on God in order to be the dads God created and purposes for us to be for our wives, kids, and this world?

Applications of James 5:13 that will help us keep our focus on God through the highs and lows in order to be the dads our wives, kids, and world need us to be for the glory of God:

  1. Constant Communication with God: Whether in times of trouble or happiness, cultivate a habit of prayer. Regularly converse with God about your concerns and joys.
  2. Teach Your Children to Pray: Share the importance of prayer with your children. Help them understand that they can always turn to God in any situation.
  3. Model Gratitude: When you’re happy or experiencing blessings, model gratitude by offering praise and thanksgiving to God. Let your children witness a heart of gratitude.
  4. Lead Family Worship: Use moments of happiness to gather your family for worship. Sing songs of praise and read Scripture together, reinforcing the idea of seeking God in all circumstances.
  5. Show Humility: When you’re in trouble, be willing to ask for help and guidance from God. Demonstrate humility before your family, teaching them the value of relying on God.
  6. Encourage Emotional Expression: Help your children understand that it’s okay to express their feelings, whether joyful or troubled, through prayer, praise, or even creative activities.
  7. Practice Resilience: Teach your family that hardships are an opportunity for growth. Share stories of how you turn to God during challenges, inspiring them to do the same.
  8. Discuss Life Lessons: Use both joyful and difficult experiences as opportunities to discuss important life lessons grounded in faith.
  9. Prioritize Relationship Building: Use your highs and lows as a reminder to invest time in building strong relationships with your wife and children. Seek God’s guidance in being a loving and present father.
  10. Cultivate an Atmosphere of Faith: Create an environment in your home where God’s presence is felt and acknowledged in every situation. Let your actions and words reflect your faith.

Remember that being a father is a lifelong journey, and no one is perfect. By consistently seeking God’s guidance through prayer, praise, and teaching, you can stay focused on God and fulfill your role as the dad your family and the world need.

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