Do Good Always to Everyone! The Time is Now!

Dads modeling Do Good

It’s time to get started doing good to everyone! As we prepare for today, let’s take a moment to examine our hearts. Our words are a reflection of what’s in our hearts, so we should strive to fill them with positivity. It’s also important to remember that others are acting in what they believe to be our best interests. Today, let’s aim to do good for everyone and seek the good in others. This is what God wants for us.

Do Good by showing:

When God instructs us to “do good to everyone,” it means that we are called to show love, kindness, and compassion to all people, regardless of their background, beliefs, or circumstances. This command is rooted in the core principles of many religious and ethical teachings, emphasizing the importance of treating others with respect and care.

Do Good to whom:

Galatians 6:10 (NIV), says: “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

What it Means to Do Good:

  1. Universal Love and Compassion: The call from God to do good to everyone is based on the principle of universal love and compassion. This encourages us to view all human beings as equal creations of God who deserve respect and care.
  2. Reflecting God’s Character: Many people describe God as loving, merciful, and kind. When we engage in acts of kindness towards others, we are reflecting God’s character and nature, which is an imitation of His love for all of humanity.
  3. Overcoming Division and Prejudice: When we treat everyone with kindness, we can overcome the barriers that divide us and prevent prejudice. This promotes unity and understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Promoting Positive Impact: Being kind and generous to others can have a positive impact on individuals as well as communities. Acts of kindness and generosity can uplift people’s spirits, inspire positive changes, and create a ripple effect of goodness.
  5. Fulfilling the Golden Rule: Numerous spiritual teachings, such as those of Jesus, stress the importance of the “Golden Rule,” which is to treat others as we would want to be treated. Following this principle means doing good to everyone.
  6. Being God’s Hands and Feet: When we perform good deeds, we become vessels of God’s love and grace in the world, making a tangible difference in the lives of those we encounter.

What Do Good Doesn’t Mean:

It’s important to realize that being kind to everyone doesn’t equate to being gullible or allowing harmful actions. Rather, it means having empathy, forgiveness, and sincerely caring about others’ welfare. By embodying this principle, we can help foster a more compassionate and peaceful world, in accordance with God’s vision for humanity.

Go Good!
Always try to do GOOD to each other & TO ALL people.

1 Thessalonians 5:15

Today’s Verse of the Day:

See that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seek that which is good for one another and for all people.

1 Thessalonians 5:15 AMP

Firstly, let’s be the dads who look to do good and pour out love no matter what someone says, thinks, or does to us! Secondly, let’s be the dads who respond to evil with good so that love and goodness will rule victoriously in and through our lives! Finally, let’s be the dads who choose to do good not just to others but also to our wives and kids too for they are gifts from God!

Wives as Gifts:

‘ A man’s greatest treasure is his wife— she is a gift from the Lord . ‘

Proverbs 18:22 (CEV)

Kids as Gifts:

‘Children are a gift from the Lord ; they are a reward from him. ‘

Psalms 127:3 (NLT)

So how can we apply today’s verse of the day to become the dads our wives, kids, and world need us to be? What applications are there to becoming the dads that God created, purposed, and is calling for us to be?

Applications of 1 Thessalonians 5:15 to stepping up and stepping into being the dads God wants and needs us to be by doing and modeling doing good to everyone:

  1. Leading by Example: Model doing good in your daily interactions with others, including your family, colleagues, and strangers. Let your children see you consistently choosing kindness and compassion.
  2. Teaching Forgiveness: Encourage forgiveness in your family by exemplifying it yourself. Teach your children to forgive others and avoid harboring grudges.
  3. Resolving Conflicts Peacefully: Demonstrate healthy conflict resolution skills within the family. Show your kids how to address disagreements respectfully and find peaceful resolutions.
  4. Promoting Empathy: Teach your children to empathize with others’ feelings and perspectives. Engage in conversations that promote understanding and compassion for others’ experiences.
  5. Serving Others: Involve your family in acts of service, such as volunteering or helping those in need. Instill in your children a desire to serve others selflessly.
  6. Being Patient: Patience is vital in parenting. Practice patience with your kids and others in your life, showing them the value of understanding and forbearance.
  7. Prioritizing Family Time: Make intentional efforts to spend quality time with your family. Being present and involved in their lives is essential for nurturing strong bonds.
  8. Supporting and Encouraging: Be a source of support and encouragement for your spouse and children. Celebrate their achievements and be there to uplift them in challenging times.
  9. Fostering Gratitude: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your family. Express thanks for the blessings you have and teach your children to appreciate what they receive.
  10. Practicing Humility: Acknowledge your mistakes and seek forgiveness when necessary. Show your family the importance of humility and the willingness to grow and learn from experiences.

By implementing these applications, you can step up and be the dad that God desires you to be – one who leads with love, understanding, and kindness, influencing not just your family but also the world around you with the transformative power of doing good.

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