Pure and Genuine: That’s how we all want to live our lives!

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Ever wondered what it looks like to live your life pure and genuine? Ever consider what God says it looks like? Don’t we all want to live up to that standard? Don’t we all want to express it through our outward acts? Let’s decide today to step up to the calling on our lives and live it God’s way rather than allowing our lives to be or get contaminated by the ways of the world!

Today’s Verse of the Day:

Pure and unblemished religion [as it is expressed in outward acts] in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit and look after the fatherless and the widows in their distress, and to keep oneself uncontaminated by the [secular] world.

James 1:27 AMP

For example, let’s be the dads who go beyond being present or being a part of the family and start to worship God in how we live our lives! Moreover, let’s be the dads who aren’t just hearers of the Word but also doers of the Word! Furthermore, let’s be the dads who see the needs of the fatherless and the widows and step up and do something! Finally, let’s be the dads who aren’t satisfied with meeting the bar of the world but instead choose to raise the bar and live up to the calling God has put on our lives!

So what can we do and how can we apply today’s verse of the day and be the dads God created, purposed, and planned for us to be?

Applications of living pure and genuine, that we can pick up as dads to live up to the calling God has put on our lives for the benefit of our wives, kids, and world!

  • Prioritize your relationship with God: Prioritize your personal spiritual growth. Spend time daily in prayer, reading the Bible, and seeking God’s guidance.
  • Lead by example: Let your actions reflect the values and principles you want to instill in your family. Be a man of integrity, showing love, kindness, and humility in all aspects of your life.
  • Love and honor your wife: Treat your wife with respect, love, and kindness. Build a strong, supportive, loving marriage, setting an example of sacrificial love for your children.
  • Invest time in your children: Be actively involved in your children’s lives. Spend quality time with them, engaging in activities that promote growth, learning, and relationship building. Show them love, encouragement, and affirmation.
  • Teach and model godly values: Instill in your children a strong foundation of biblical values and principles. Teach them about God’s love, forgiveness, and grace. Show them how to live a life of honesty, integrity, and compassion.
  • Serve others: Encourage your family to serve and positively impact the world around them. Engage in acts of kindness, participate in community service, and teach your children the importance of caring for those in need.
  • Be a peacemaker: Foster an atmosphere of peace and unity in your family. Teach your children how to resolve conflicts lovingly and respectfully. Model forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Practice open communication: Create an environment where open and honest communication is valued. Listen attentively to your spouse and children, offering guidance, support, and understanding. Encourage dialogue, even about difficult topics.
  • Foster a culture of gratitude: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude within your family. Encourage your loved ones to appreciate the blessings in their lives, both big and small. Express gratitude to God and teach your children to do the same.
  • Be a lifelong learner: Continually seek personal growth and improvement. Stay curious, pursue knowledge, and develop your skills. Encourage your family to embrace a mindset of learning and development.

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