Concerned? Wait on God’s Word! Hide under His wings!

The wings of God provide a hiding place and a shield

There is a lot going on in life and it can cause us to become concerned. By turning to God’s Word we know that we can cast our cares and concerns on God because He cares for us! So rather than worrying, let’s wait upon the Lord for wisdom and direction! Don’t be afraid and anxious but instead stay under the protection of God! We are safe from the fiery darts of hell when we stay under the blood of Jesus! We can find protection and safe when we stay under the wings of God!

No need to be concerned because we can cast our cares on God who is our hiding place and shield

Today’s Verse of the Day:

You are my hiding place and my shield; I wait for Your word.

Psalms 119:114 AMP

Furthermore, let’s be the dads who consider the full context as we find protection and safety in and through God and His Word!

‘I hate those who are double-minded, But I love and treasure Your law. You are my hiding place and my shield; I wait for Your word. Leave me, you evildoers, That I may keep the commandments of my God [honoring and obeying them]. Uphold me according to Your word [of promise], so that I may live; And do not let me be ashamed of my hope [in Your great goodness]. Uphold me that I may be safe, That I may have regard for Your statutes continually. You have turned Your back on all those who wander from Your statutes, For their deceitfulness is useless. You have removed all the wicked of the earth like dross [for they have no value]; Therefore I love Your testimonies. My flesh trembles in [reverent] fear of You, And I am afraid and in awe of Your judgments. ‘

Psalms 119:113-120

Firstly let’s be the dads who love and treasure the law of God! Secondly, let’s be the dads who find our hiding place and protection under the wings of God as we wait upon the Lord who renews our strength through His Word! Finally, let’s be the dads who are focused on keeping God’s commandments by honoring and obeying them!

For example, how can we receive today’s verse of the day and case our cares and concerns on God so that we can be the dads God created, planned, and purposed for us to be for our wives and kids?

Applications of Psalms 119:114 to being dads our wives and kids need when being concerned!

  • Be a source of comfort: Assure your wife and children that they can find refuge and solace in your presence. Let them know they can confide in you without judgment.
  • Provide emotional support: Listen attentively to your family members’ concerns and fears. Offer empathy and understanding, and validate their emotions.
  • Offer reassurance: Remind your wife and children that you are there to protect and shield them from harm. Be a source of strength and stability in their lives.
  • Pray together: Encourage your family to turn to God in times of worry or anxiety. Praying together can strengthen your bond and provide a sense of peace.
  • Study and share God’s Word: Emphasize the importance of relying on God’s promises found in Scripture. Regularly discuss relevant passages that offer encouragement and guidance.
  • Be a role model: Demonstrate faith and trust in God’s faithfulness through your own actions and words. Show your family how to depend on Him in times of uncertainty.
  • Encourage a positive mindset: Help your family focus on the positive aspects of their lives. Encourage gratitude, joy, and hope even amidst difficult circumstances.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of love: Foster an environment where your wife and children feel safe and loved unconditionally. Let them know that they can always lean on you for support.
  • Practice patience: Understand that concerns and worries can take time to resolve. Exercise patience and provide ongoing support as your family works through their challenges.
  • Seek wisdom: Continuously seek wisdom and guidance from God in order to be the best husband and father you can be. Pray for discernment and make decisions based on biblical principles.

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