Shields: Do you understand the purpose of them?

policemen wearing black helmets standing on the street holding police shields

When the word shields comes to mind do you think of defense, offense, or something else? Whatever it is, you could be right! Firstly, shields are for protecting, blocking, and covering. Secondly, shields are for bashing and grappling. Thirdly, shields are symbolic, ceremonial, and decorative. Finally, shields have various uses and even today remain an important tool for defense and offense in many cultures and disciplines.

Do you have a physical shield? Do you have a spiritual shield? If you do then how are you using it?

Today’s Verse of the Day:

But You, O Lord, are a shield for me,
My glory [and my honor], and the One who lifts my head.

Psalms 3:3 AMP

Firstly, let’s be the dads who lean on, cling to, and run to God because He is our Lord! Secondly, let’s stay close to God because He is our shield. Thirdly, let’s praise and remain in God’s presence because He is our glory and honor! Fourthly, let’s not wander away from God because He is the One who lifts our heads! So, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and hold our heads up high!

Shields for defensive:

  1. Protection: The primary use of a shield is to provide protection for the user against attacks from weapons such as swords, axes, spears, and arrows.
  2. Blocking: A shield can be used to block attacks from multiple directions by moving it around or positioning it in front of the user’s body.
  3. Cover: Shields can be used for cover, especially in situations where the user needs to take cover from enemy fire or projectiles.

Shields for offensive:

  1. Bashing: Shields can be used to bash opponents and knock them off balance, which can create an opening for a follow-up attack.
  2. Grappling: Some shields are designed with spikes or other features that allow them to be used for grappling or impaling an opponent.

Shields for other purposes:

  1. Symbolic: Shields have been used throughout history as symbols of strength, courage, and honor.
  2. Ceremonial: Shields are often used in ceremonial or formal contexts, such as parades, processions, and award ceremonies.
  3. Decorative: Some shields are highly decorative and are used for display or ornamental purposes.

So how can we as dads put today’s verse of the day into practice?

Applications of today’s verse of the day as dads:

  • Protection: As a dad, you can be a shield of protection for your family. Just as God is a shield around you, you can provide a sense of security and safety for your loved ones.
  • Support: Like the Lord who lifts our heads high, you can lift the spirits of your family members when they are feeling down. You can encourage them and provide emotional support.
  • Guidance: Just as the Lord provides guidance and direction, you can help guide your family members in making wise decisions.
  • Example: You can be an example of faith and trust in God, showing your family what it means to rely on Him as a shield.
  • Strength: Just as the Lord is strong and mighty, you can be a source of strength for your family, both physically and emotionally.
  • Love: You can demonstrate God’s love to your family, by being kind, patient, forgiving and compassionate.
  • Forgiveness: Like God, you can offer forgiveness to your family members when they make mistakes or wrong you.
  • Wisdom: You can seek wisdom from God and ask Him to help you make wise decisions for your family.
  • Prayer: You can pray for your family, asking God to protect, guide, and bless them.
  • Gratitude: You can thank God for being a shield around you and your family, and for the many blessings He has provided.

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