Let’s lead and leave a God-centered and God-focused legacy!

green and brown tree on body of water

How far back can you trace your family tree? Remember as a kid counting something like 1, 2, skipped a few, 99, 100? Do you realize we have a legacy that intersects with Noah? Do you remember why and how God selected Noah and was called to build the ark to help reset civilization? Do you remember how evil and wicked the world had gotten prior to the flood? Do you remember how God promised Noah that such a reset would never happen again and gave us a reminder through the rainbow? Have you ever considered man has had a tendency to try to go it alone or in their own strength and power? Have you ever noticed over time the pendulum that causes people to turn away from God and be self-centered and then when things have or had gotten so far off track they realize what they are missing and decide to turn back to God and cry out for help? Consider where things are today and what we need to be doing as dads to be the dads God created, purposed, and planned for us to be!

As we begin 2023, let’s be the dads who learn through God’s Word and go back to the beginning and how the devil operates! Let’s be the dads who lean into God’s Word so that we know we are to love God and love people and as such choose to do what is right! Let’s be the dads who aren’t focused on the ways of the world but rather on the ways of God and choose to praise God our savior who carries us each day in His arms! Let’s be the dads who reflect on what we learned through our past, turn to God’s Word, and choose to reset how we are choosing to live our lives and get ready to live them out God’s way! Let’s be the dads who grab hold of the reality that we are all connected even if means we have to go back to the time of Noah.

God started over with Noah and we need to lean in on why. Let’s be the dads who spend time in God’s Word and grab hold of what He is teaching us and directing us to do with our lives! Let’s lean in on God’s Word which is active and alive! Let’s lean in on God’s Word which is able to cut through the noise and the chaos and get to the core of the matter! Let’s lean into God’s Word which is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths!

Are you ready to be the dads God created and purposed for you to be? It requires that you turn from the tricks and traps of the devil and walk into a life that is God-centered! Are you ready to be the dads who extend this ambassadorship of reconciliation to your wife, your kids, and your world?

Let’s be the dads who choose to live in the truth that gives us freedom from God and live God-centered rather than being self-centered and allowing ourselves to be fooled by the devil and finding ourselves living ashamed of our decisions and actions.

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