2022 – A Year in Review

2022 in Review

As 2022 was beginning, God called me to start blogging about Dad Devotionals and has allowed me to not only read and study from 54 devotionals but also make connections with most of their authors, receiving support, encouragement, and approval to include the devotionals on this site. So let’s pause to reflect and take a look at 2022 in review.

2022 in Review
Gains vs Losses
Private vs Professional (Career)
New Friends vs Old Friends
Future Goals vs Fulfilled Goals
Financial Balance
What made it into your 2022?

I found 5 incredible devotionals by UNCOMMEN allowing me to connect with Tj from uncommen.org.

I was able to receive permission to use the devotionals from increment people like Tiffany Miller from AwesomeMarriage.com, Craig Livsey from LegacyMindedMen.org, Scott Jennings from Zoweh.org, Jerrad Lopes from DadTired.com, Sharon Shook from HarvestHousePublishers.com, Matt Brown from ThinkE.org, Tim from Discerning-Dad.com, JD from CovenantEyes.com, Nedra Sharp from FamilyLife.com, Tez Brooks from TezBrooks.com, Pam Collins from HoustonFrist.org, Mike Novotny from TimeOfGrace.org, theWhosoevers.com, Joel Malm from JoelMalm.com, Kent Evans from ManhoodJourney.org, Lonnie Barker from Relationships.net, Jackson Beetler from RadicalMentoring.com, Luke Cunningham from ArkHuntsville.com, Ryan Rohan from StoneCreekChurch.org, Pastor Lisa from hgmny.org, and Dylan Harreld from VersitySkate.org.

God has so blessed me as I went through each of their devotionals and even more so from their feedback and encouragement. I am so excited to get to see what 2023 will bring as I look to begin podcasts both on devotionals, reconnecting with these great people, as well as digging deeper into topics affecting dads and ways to support and help young men become the dads this world needs for them to be.

Throught 2022 there were many changes and many lessons I needed to learn to be the dad my wife, kids, and world needed me to be and in some cases it left me feeling regretful and in other cases it taught me how I needed to live my life and make decisions that would allow me to live without regrets. Missing out on some opportunities caused me to take hold of the opportunity right before me and the need to stop waiting and start doing what it was God was calling and needing me to do for my kids no matter how young or how old they are today. I need to be the husband my wife needs me to be. I need to be the dad that my kids need me to be. I need to be the dad my world needs me to be as I serve volunteers and campers in the foster care system. I need to be the dad my world needs me to be as I work with and serve so many who are young parents and just getting started on their journey of raising their kids, loving their kids, and needing to be the moms and be the dads their spouses, their kids, and their world needs them to be.

Thank God and Thank you for making 2022 such an incredible year, wasn’t easy but definitely was worth it!

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