10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer – Day 11

10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer - 12 Day Devotional

The Bible.com (or Bible App from YouVersion) has so many great plans to go through and read. As I continue through the list of dad devotionals using their search capabilities, I have come across today’s devotional which is a 12-day devotional titled 10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer. Checking out the publisher’s information and signing up for their newsletters as well as getting to download their survival gear, I am excited to get better connected with them as I believe they have many resources that will be helpful and useful for men who answer the call to step up and step into being the dads God has called and created them to be. Looking into this devotional and trying to better understand the purpose of Manhood Journey, I discovered they are “a ministry who helps dads become disciple-makers. We do this through various tools. Things like blogs, eBooks, Field Guides, Bible studies, digital courses, and live events“. I am so excited to get to go through this devotional with all of you and see where God will take us. I am excited to have gotten to communicate with Kent and to have found their resources as I believe it will be of great help to dads.

The Bible.com site describes this plan as follows:

“Feel overwhelmed—or worse—like a failure? We took your most-pressing challenges and matched them up with battle-proven, busy leaders who also happen to be dads—to give you theologically deep and super-practical help. You CAN be the dad God calls you to be. This plan will help.”

10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer

Today’s devotional points us to 1 Corinthians 10:31.

‘So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. ‘

1 Corinthians 10:31

Today’s Word is so powerful and so purposeful. Today’s Word points us to purpose in everything we do. Let’s be the dads whose purpose in all that we do is to glorify God! Let’s be the dads whose purpose is to do what we do for the glory of God! Let’s be the dads who recognize that every good and perfect gift, everything we have been given is from God! Let’s be the dads who remember that we didn’t get what we’ve got on our own but that it all was given to us by God! Let’s be the dads who focus on how our own lives and everything we have been given is from God! So in return, let’s choose to make sure that whatever we do, we do it all for the glory of God! Let’s be standard-bearers who raise the bar for the glory of God! Let’s be leaders who serve and demonstrate God’s love and grace for the glory of God! Let’s be the dads who instill this into our kids! Let’s be the dads who praise God for all that He has done and given to us! Let’s be the dads who thank God for everything!

Today’s devotional has been provided by Manhood Journey (more details can be found https://www.manhoodjourney.org/fieldguides/)

Reading through today’s devotional, here are some takeaways for me:
(check out the devotional on your own too to see if you pick up other nuggets, and please share your findings in the comments)

For more information, please visit Manhood Journey: https://www.manhoodjourney.org/fieldguides/.

Day 11 You don’t have enough energy for work and home.

  • Let’s be the dads who priorities are right! I know for me that means God first, my wife and marriage second, and my kids third, anything and everything else has to get in line behind them.
  • Today’s devotional kicks off with this important heading: “The most important part of your day
    • Let’s plug through today’s devotional to capture what it has to say.
    • To be the dads, we need to use that short period of time we get to spend with our kids to its full potential.
    • To be the dads, we need to give our families the best of us not the leftovers.
    • To be the dads after a busy day at work, we need to put the day behind us and fight against the desires to rest or be alone, and be filled up with energy for the sake of our families.
    • To be the dads, we need to make sure our kids are getting the same or better level of engagement and focus as our coworkers and clients.
    • To be the dads, we need to make sure our wives are getting the a better level of enthusiasm than our boss at work!
    • To be the dads, we need to make sure we don’t come home with an empty tank because your work drained you of the best of you.
    • Let’s consider all of this in relations to today’s scripture:
    • Today’s devotional is interesting and I know it is true for most of us too:
      • We may need to give ourselves a peptalk!
      • So take a deep breath and walk through the door and be as excited to see your wife and kids as they are to have you home.
      • Let’s be the dads who even when our kids get older, we can remember and get energized again for our wife and kids because of all the excitement that used to be when they were younger.
      • Let’s remember to be the dads because that is the one job that there isn’t a replacement for.
      • Let’s remember that pouring all our energy into our jobs and leaving nothing for our kids is a bad idea because work can replace you, swap you out.
      • Let’s be the dads who choose to make our kids one and only childhood count!
      • Let’s be the dads who decide daily to make the limited time we have with our kids count!
    • With my oldest having left home and my middle child getting ready to leave for college, I need to remember to pour into my youngest, my promised son from God and to live my life in a way that will give God the glory!
    • Today’s devotional closed with this:

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