Rad Dad! – Day 5


As we continue this year the next plan I have selected to go through is “Rad Dad!” which is a 6 day devotional through the Bible.com site.

Day 5 – How has becoming a father changed your perspective on a Father’s love for his children?

Today’s devotional is connected with Proverbs 22:6.

‘Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. ‘

Proverbs 22:6

As I read this proverb it hits me. We raise up our kids to be independent and be able to go out and live their lives. One day sooner than we could have imagined off they go out into the world, on their own. As my oldest left for Navy boot camp to kick off the year she was pursuing a God given dream. She was heading out into the world to be able to help save people physically with the training of being able to save people’s souls. I wondered how graduating with a pastoral degree she would go into the Navy but then realized who better to send to help someone in need of rescue than a pastor. I am so glad God got a hold of me all those years ago when she was just a baby so that her mother and I would be able to start her and her siblings off on the way they should go. I am so glad that God taught us all the way we should go as our Heavenly Father. As she left to kick off the year, I held tight to God’s promise that even when she gets old she will not turn from Him. This is a year of change and I have a second who will be leaving home to go off to college. I am glad she was born into our relationship with God and she has been able to start her own personal walk with God. When the time comes for us to let her go too, just like Moses’ mother who let him go into the Nile, again I will be able to let go and let God go with her. I will be able to trust God and know He is faithful to His Word and so even when she goes that she will not turn from Him and His ways. God is such a great example of a dad. So today as we look to be the dads He desires for us to be, let’s grab hold of Him and His Word and His promises so that we can live out our today in a way that will bring Him the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’s name.

Today’s devotional has been provided by Varsity Skateboarding Organization (more details can be found here: https://varsityskate.org/).

Reading through today’s devotional, here are some takeaways for me: (check out the devotional on your own too to see if you pick up other nuggets, and please share your findings in the comments)

  • What type of an example are you setting for your kids?
  • Are you someone who connects and talks to others?
  • Are you someone who will even talk to people you don’t know?
  • Are you someone who is giving? Are you someone who is generous?
  • When you talk to others do you have certain questions you ask them?
  • Would you consider if you don’t today to ask them “Do you have a church home?”?
  • Would you consider if you don’t today to ask them “Do you know Jesus?”?
  • Today’s devotional speaks to how their dad used to do this and how it was to help lead them in the way they should go, down the right path.
  • So when you were a kids did you see your dad show you the same level of love no matter what good or bad thing you did?
  • If you are a dad, are you pouring that same level of love into your kids no matter what good or bad things they do?
  • Are you ready to lead them and love them and allow them to do what they love to do?
  • Do you realize the importance of doing what you love?
  • As I read today’s devotional, it made me think of the old quote from Confucius that says “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”
  • Are you remembering the lessons of old that taught you right and wrong?
  • Are you ready to teach those same truths to your kids? Are you ready to be the dad that by example models right and wrong?
  • Are you ready to teach your kids that no matter what they do, your love for them will never change?
  • Are you ready to teach your kids to the importance of loving everyone?
  • Are you ready to teach your kids never to judge?
  • Are you ready to teach your kids to always show compassion?
  • Are you ready to teach your kids to make sure everyone they come in contact with knows who Jesus is?
  • Are you ready to be a Rad Dad?
  • Are you ready to Be The Dads God created you to be and that your kids, your wife, and your world need you to be?
  • Are you ready to show the right path and reminding them to do the same for their kids?
  • Remember to live out today’s verse of the day so that when they get older they will do the same thing.

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